I’m thankful for the simple things…

Yesterday forced us to test our limits, and for that I am thankful.  As a new parent, I find myself dominated by  worry and hyper-conscious of my new limitations — whether they’re real or not.  In our effort to attend two Thanksgiving celebrations, taking Finn on his first serious excursion, I was apprehensive about how he would tolerate a lengthy car ride… and a long day.  He held out better than I did, however. While I watched him anxiously, Finn handled things quite splendidly:

Finn stares in carimg_0881img_0878

He stared at me, clearly interested in the day’s potential, peered curiously out the window, and then yawned and went to sleep.

Later, he visited with Grandma Gail and family in Boca, and then slept next to his cousin as we dined in elegance with my brothers and sisters at my Mom’s in Loxahatchee. I can’t believe I actually got to sit down and eat at the same time as everyone else. What luck!


When we returned home at nearly 11 pm, Finn stayed asleep. I learned that he can handle more than I thought — and so can I!


2 thoughts on “I’m thankful for the simple things…

  1. I’m super proud of you and Finn! I think limits are only real if we choose to believe they are….and the mind is a powerful thing.

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