Finn’s future career(s)…?

Sometimes, as I watch my son eat, sleep, and respond to the world around him, I wonder what kind of person he’ll become and what he’ll choose to do with his life. Let’s take a look at some of his unfolding potential:

Might he become a philosopher? He seems like a very thoughtful fellow:


A rock star? I think he’s got that special something…


Perhaps an actor? He’s got very expressive hands and can be quite dramatic (see pic on Nov. 9 post for further evidence):


Hopefully, he won’t be interested in piracy:


Someone told Keith that “Finn” sounds like the name of an Irish brawler:


But I like the idea of a peace and environmental activist:


He’s quite multi-dimensional! We’ll keep everyone posted on any new dynamic developments…


4 thoughts on “Finn’s future career(s)…?

  1. Very funny, Sare. :o) He’s got a lot of potential. I think it’s important to expose him to as much as possible (and talk to him about it) so he can decide when he’s ready. Maybe he’ll dabble in all of it!

  2. Priceless!

    Whatever he becomes, he will be an inspiration and a success, I’m sure. Plus, he’s always got his good looks as a back up 😉

  3. So many options! My vote leans toward rock star, but he does look like he’s ready for a brawl (of course rocks stars are good for brawls too–especially with things like televisions in hotel rooms). Since he’s so hungry all the time, maybe he’ll dabble in competitive eating. Please tell him I miss him and give his sweet face a kiss for me (until tomorrow). -Auntie Sunshine

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