As big as a monkey…


…or at least a sock monkey.

Yesterday’s pediatrician appt. revealed that Finn is about 22 inches long — shorter than the average two-month-old. He is, however, in the 90th percentile in terms of weight! I’m wondering if his chunky legs may have made his first shots less painful: by the time we were on our way out of the office, his tears were gone, and he was smiling at me on the way home! I, on the other hand, still feel traumatized at the fact that I’ve contaminated my son’s pure, pristine body, even though I know these vaccinations are important in helping to keep him safe. I also worried that I would contaminate his image of me as Keith and I held him down so that the nurse could stick needles into his legs. Thankfully, he seems to have forgiven us for these moments of necessary torture..


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