Mother vs. flock of geese

Today I felt my first paranormal surge of protective mother-instinct. As a new parent, I have, of course, felt some degree of concern, worry, and caution every single day, but this was something different: this was a chemical alteration, it seems. I was walking with Finn along the lake this morning, my precious bundle strapped to my chest in the Bjorn carrier, when I stopped to observe a large group of geese swimming along the edge. How lovely! I thought…. There must have been over a dozen of them, prettily sailing in a pattern like a regatta of white sailboats. Well, I should have been thinking of them instead as attack ships; within a minute they filed ashore and headed toward us. Stupidly, I snapped Finn’s little, yellow burp cloth at them, and then realized how ineffective this was: either they thought it was food, or saw it as some kind of red flag and decided to charge like an army of bulls. Their heads reached higher than Finn’s little feet dangling from the carrier. Terrified that they would start going for his socks, I  fled toward the house as goose-bumps covered my arms.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to take down any geese to protect this cute, little face:


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