No resolutions

This New Year, I’m learning to be less resolute and more flexible. This is not, however, a resolution — something I’ve found to be pretty useless throughout the last year of my life. Here are some self-imposed promises broken so far:

1. I swore I’d exercise throughout my pregnancy. I dropped yoga at month seven and soon the size of my belly was too large to allow me to do much of anything aside from shuffle from one spot to another nearby spot. I’m not exaggerating. Here’s a photo of me taken about a month before Finn was born:



2. I planned to do my absolute best to minimize our contributions to the frightening landfills taking over our planet. Although I am environmentally conscious and do hope to start experimenting with cloth diapering soon, I must admit that the environment has not been my first concern. I do understand that what I do for the earth IS for Finn’s future, but when operating on such a steep learning curve, it’s so hard to avoid what’s easiest! I never imagined that in raising one small baby, we could produce so much waste. I know that I just resolved not to make resolutions, but I MUST avoid so many disposable items!

3. Keith and I promised to keep our conversations diverse and interesting. Somehow, though, it became impossible to talk about anything but Finn during the first ten weeks of his life. To those of you who suffered, we apologize.

4. I said I would never insult Finn or myself with baby talk. Although Keith and I are being careful not to mispronounce words, we can’t help but speak in ridiculously altered tones. Finn’s heightened response to sweet, higher-pitched or silly voices makes sounding stupid a pleasure, as you can hear in each of my video entries (I’m not even sure what “drooling like a little man” means). I currently have no embarrassing evidence of the French accent Keith uses to make the baby laugh on the changing table, but I do have proof of the bizarre noises he’s willing to make:

5. We used to roll our eyes at parents who made asses of themselves by making stupid faces and donning absurd costumes. We swore to maintain our dignity. Here’s a photograph proving how low Keith is actually willing to go to amuse his son (wearing the beautiful hand-made mobile crafted by my talented sister, Sunshine):


Needless to say, we’ve come a long way in recent months, and I know that our lives will continue to take new shape in 2009. Although we’ll try to “mold” them as we wish, I’m willing to accept that even we don’t know what kind of family we’ll become. I’m just going to do my best — and try to enjoy it along the way.


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