A new kind of lazy weekend…

In our pre-Finn days, weekends gave us an opportunity to sleep in, lounge around, and socialize with friends and family. Time to relax, reboot, reenergize. On weekends when we had too much grading to do, we felt dehumanized without any of “our own” time.

Everyone’s always warned us that our lazy weekends would be a thing of the past if we had a baby. Nobody likes an unvarying 5 or 6 am wake-up call, right? Well, it’s strange, but now, I actually do. When Finn starts making his morning noises, I can’t wait to meet his eyes and take part in our continually evolving conversation. Even after his “breakfast” and our morning rituals, so much of the day remains, and the fact that Keith and I have so many hours to enjoy him together makes Saturday seem like a special holiday. Yesterday, we spent much of the afternoon outside, walking along the lake in the sunny, 72 degree weather. Finn stared at the sparkling surface of the water, the branches of trees waving overhead, the vivid bougainvillea, the caterpillars peppering the milkweed plants in the garden. Within the next two weekends, we’ll get to point out their delicate green and gold cocoons, and then, finally, the Monarch butterflies they’ll become. One day we’ll be able to teach him about the process itself: how amazing it is that such a complete transformation can occur in such a short period of time.




2 thoughts on “A new kind of lazy weekend…

  1. So that’s why you haven’t given me a call back yet. :o)
    The thought flashed in my mind that something might be wrong, but I’m so glad to read you are enjoying time with your new family. The caterpillar/butterfly metaphor is so fitting! I love the pictures and I love you guys!

  2. Sarah,
    I love reading your journals as they take me into your thoughts and experiences as a mother. Finn is absolutely beautiful!!! I’m so happy that you are savoring every minute. I knew you would. Give him a kiss for me on one of those cute little chubby cheeks.

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