Bumps in the road — and on my face!

So this past week, Finn decided that the status quo wasn’t good enough. Although he’s been sleeping in his crib from about 8:30 pm until around 5:30 am since late December, we had four nights in a row during which he woke up screaming every time his head touched his crib sheet. This situation highlights a larger problem — the fact that we’re not establishing good sleeping habits by putting him down completely asleep in the first place —  but still… why was he waking so readily and easily all of the sudden? Why was he so miserable when he awoke? Was it a growth spurt? Teething? The fact that it’s been colder out? That the heater was on?

By Thursday night, the lack of sleep and worry over Finn had manifested itself physically all over the right side of my forehead and scalp: I broke out in hives for the first time in my life! Luckily, the last two nights have been easier, so I’m hoping that Finn will continue to sleep better and that these itchy welts will disappear soon. In the meantime, we’re expecting that Elizabeth Pantley’s The No-Cry Nap Solution will arrive in the mail today. We’d like to teach him to go to sleep on his own both during the day and at night — and without putting him through any harsh “cry-it-out” methods. I can’t — and don’t want — to control everything in Finn’s life, but I do want him to feel happy and secure.




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