Can he be mine?

We won’t know for a few days whether Finn has contracted the chicken pox from my itchy (but wrapped and covered) case of shingles, but yesterday’s four month visit to the doctor indicated that he’s otherwise still a healthy, rapidly growing sprout! At 16 lbs, 13 oz and 25.5 inches, he’s at the 90th and 75th percentiles respectively. A big baby for little people. He’s so unbelievably amazing that sometimes I wonder if he really could have come from me! Even his disposition (clearly not mine) is impressive these days: on the morning after he got two long needles in his legs, he woke up grinning as usual. He’s also laughing a lot — at Keith’s cheesy French accent, my whispers, the fork as it disappears into my mouth, and, of course, himself in the mirror:


2 thoughts on “Can he be mine?

  1. I just cannot believe the little guy is 4 months old already: my, my. And as adorable as ever! (I love the videos!).

  2. don’t you love those squeals?? it’s so amazing … all of it. yesterday we celebrated one year since the Big Fat Positive… just a complete miracle… Elsie hasn’t figured herself out in the mirror yet but she does love dancing too! đŸ™‚

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