Less glam, more ham

I believe my days of glamour are over. I haven’t dyed my hair since pre-conception and my grays are quickly multiplying. My formerly-stylish clothes are now so lackluster, and I’ve had no time or desire to shop, so for my birthday yesterday, I wore an old dress that exposed the giant straps of my nursing bra. To combat the clutter that we never have time to organize, we resorted to shoving piles of junk into the bedroom and shutting the door before my family came over for a quick and low-key celebration. Worst of all, we ordered bland take-out food that I barely had time to eat before I had to retreat into the nursery to feed and settle Finn for the night.

I was not the star of the evening. But that’s okay; we’ve got someone else who’s the dazzling focus of attention these days:


5 thoughts on “Less glam, more ham

  1. Argh! I forgot your birthday 😦 I’m so mad. But know this, I just saw you the other day, and you look just as beautiful now as you ever did!

  2. Oh Sarah, I forgot your birthday too! I am so sorry but Happy Belated Birthday anyhow. I could just eat Finn! What a wonderful little treat for you and Keith each day. I love this stage when they are chubby, drooly, giggly and so in love with mommy and daddy. Give him a kiss for me.

  3. I think you are more beautiful than ever. Your glam will be back, but enjoying all of Finn’s “ham” is only now. They get so big so fast, believe me.

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