Finn’s favorites

My days of working motherhood may be relentlessly unvarying, but Finn’s days, moods, expressions, and preferences take on new color and texture by the hour. As his #1 fan and personal biographer, I feel qualified to share some of his more recent favorites:

Finn loves certain sounds. His favorite for months has been his dad’s absurdly nonsensical “french” accent, featured in the last post, but last week, he decided the phrase “floppy flounder” was enough to send him into a fit of laughter, and two days ago, he began deriving immense enjoyment from the word “sock.” Don’t ask me why:

His favorite facial feature seems to be his lips:

As adults, we take such pleasures for granted, but Finn gets a kick out of just, well, standing. Sometimes we can entertain him for some time by repeatedly standing him up, sitting him down, standing him up, sitting him down… and as you can see by Keith’s stance, such activity can be tiring:


He most definitely loves babies, whether in the mirror (see 2/11 post) or in flesh and blood. Yesterday, after a quick but intense reintroduction to his cousin, Finn did not hesitate to reach out and shake hands. Here he is with Cyrus, Cyrus’s mom Estee, and my mom:


I’d venture to say that Finn’s favorite pastime is to lie flat on the ground on windy days and stare up at the leafy trees waving around overhead — and I’d like to think he that he loves it most when his mom shares these moments with him…



2 thoughts on “Finn’s favorites

  1. That last picture is precious!

    Both Molly and Cecilia found sneezes absolutely hysterical. Playing “near and far” in the bathroom mirror was also a favorite.

    And when you get to the toddler year, never underestimate the power of “sound effects”, even for mundane or routine activities. Things like getting dressed and changing diapers. Even if it doesn’t entertain them, it does me.

    Miss you lots! And Happy Belated Birthday!

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