My brief return to glamour: a South Beach lunch

Yesterday we headed down to Lincoln Road to enjoy an afternoon while the weather is still so delicious. We took some mommy’s milk in an insulated pack so that Keith could feed Finn while I could have a glass of champagne with my salad. It was one of those rare occasions when I was able to drink my bubbly and have it too. In between sips of an old favorite, I still had my new one across the table in Daddy’s arms:


After Finn finished HIS bottle of vintage March 09, he started on his second course: Mr. Green Bean Man:


He wasn’t happy in the stroller for long. He soon brought me back to real life with his new habit: high-pitched screeches that sound like they might be used to communicate with dolphins or certain species of exotic birds. All it took to restore peace in our party, however, was a transfer into the baby carrier. As I stated in the last post, he prefers to be upright with the rest of us, crossing through the world as an active participant:


With Finn out in front, heading the way, we were able to leisurely enjoy not only our lunch, but our entire afternoon. I even got to buy a lovely new dress at Anthropologie, stop for an iced soy cinnamon latte at Starbucks, and taste-test some coconut ice cream at The Frieze. At the end of the day, I was invigorated… and Finn was exhausted. He slept in the car on the way home, and then after his bath and bedtime snack, he was OUT for the night, sleeping until 7:15 this morning! Considering that his wake-up time is usually around 6 am, it felt like an easy Sunday morning — well, almost…


One thought on “My brief return to glamour: a South Beach lunch

  1. Sarah,

    I love reading your posts. It’s fun, and Finn looks gorgeous!! Hopefully, I’ll get to see him in June when I go to Miami.


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