a tooth and some tunes

Yes! After all of the drooling, gnawing, and restless sleep, Finn’s first tooth erupted on Thursday — one week before his six-month birthday. It’s a little nub barely visible on his bottom gumline, but I feel its glaring significance: he’ll never have that perfectly pink, gummy smile again. It’s just LIKE me let loss tug at every gain.

But with a focus on the latter, Finn has been so amazing despite his discomfort. He’s too interested in things around him to whine while there’s cool stuff to look at, like the lake behind our house and the grass beneath his feet (which is quite a challenge to keep out of his mouth)…


He also LOVED the music class we took him to yesterday — as well as the musical instruments he COULD put into his mouth:


After class we headed over to South Beach for lunch, where Finn relieved his gums with the outside of a cool glass. No, we did NOT give him beer, but he did pass out before we got back to the car. Busy days definitely help out in the nap department!




One thought on “a tooth and some tunes

  1. I love looking at photos of Finn: he always looks so in love with the world. It’s such a joy to see that!

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