I’m imagining a world in which humans have no teeth. Just think: We’d live off of chocolate shakes and flan and mashed sweet potatoes. Everyone would have a cute, little lisp. There’d be no dentists, orthodontists, or flossing.  And most importantly, there would be NO TEETHING! That would mean that my nearly 6-month-old, sleep-through-the-night baby would NOT wake up every two hours — even more than he did as a newborn — and I would NOT be spending the first few days of my much-awaited spring break dragging from exhaustion. How many nights of this can we take? I guess I’ll have to learn how to follow Finn’s example and just grin and bear it.



3 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. I can’t believe the timing — right as your Spring Break began! He still looks happy as can be in this photo though!

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