Finn’s first spoonful(s)

So, two days shy of Finn’s six-month birthday, we decided it was time to give him a messy but delicious taste of our world: avocado. Aside from the fact that it’s one of my personal favorites, it’s also a great starter food, being not only very digestible, but also nutrient-rich (much more so than rice cereal). I’ve heard many call it “nature’s most perfect food,” but never knew exactly why until I did some research. According to Dr. Sears, it’s loaded with “vitamin A, vitamin B6, folic acid, niacin, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Ounce-for-ounce avocados contain more potassium than 45 other fruits, juices, or vegetables, including bananas, peaches, carrots, and green beans, and they are one of the only fruits that contain monounsaturated fats, which are essential for your baby’s development.” 

Finn, of course, didn’t care much about that, but he was overjoyed to be sitting with us at the table, an arrangement his new Stokke high chair allows. No separate tray, no separate meal — well, that’s the general idea, anyway: we’d like Finn to eat WITH us whenever possible. Last night, we sat down to eat vegetarian burritos along with a splendid plate of sliced avocado, while Finn sat eagerly at his place at the table and sampled (with assistance) a five-star avocado and breast milk puree! Yum! (As the pictures below reveal, at least he seemed to think so). Since we’re supposed to give him the same single food for five consecutive days in order to test for allergies, we’ll have to work to vary our own avocado dish if we want to continue our practice of economical and unified family dining. Next week, I’m thinking of introducing sweet potato, so I suppose I should start exploring a few lively recipe options now. Any ideas, anyone? For our adult plates, that is; Finn’s menu will be quite a bit more more limited. Somehow, however, I don’t think he’ll mind.




3 thoughts on “Finn’s first spoonful(s)

  1. I think Finn wears some of the same kimonos I just ordered for Wes (Kate Quinn?)!

    He looks lovely in blue as he delights in his avocado: yum. I love the Stokke too but don’t think it will work in our apartment…it’s just great that y’all get to sit together come dinner time!

  2. Thank goodness his grammy knew how to assemble the Stokkee High Chair, which enabled Finn to enjoy his first solids at the dinner table…….

    Look at those beautiful blue eyes……..

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