New stats: much BIGGER than a monkey

Finn caught up with his sock monkey when he was two months old, as I remarked in my December 10th post. Here’s a refresher:


These days, he dwarfs his “little” friend:


Yesterday’s visit to the doctor gave us some new data: 19lbs, 3 oz, 27 inches long. He still charts in the 90th percentile. Although he’s at a very healthy weight, he still has three reasons to complain: teething, some dermatitis, and a cold from which Keith and I are also suffering. We all finally got better sleep with the help of a friend’s humidifier and two tubes of prescription ointment for his rashy neck.

The poor guy has maintained such a good disposition in between the hellish nights, but even he has his breaking point when mommy doesn’t recognize that the party’s over:


I hope my little monkey feels better soon! Big monkey, I mean…


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