After his struggle with teething, a nasty neck rash, and his first “bug,” our fat little guy bounced right back. We all got several blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep, and then last night he decided to wake up at around 1 am — to PLAY. Although Keith and I were not necessarily in playful moods ourselves, and knew that it was not the appropriate time to indulge him, Finn nonetheless babbled, smiled, rolled around, waved his arms and legs, and eventually screeched for attention for two full hours. Not the picture-perfect scene by any means, but still a picture of good health, right? Today’s return visit to the doctor gave us the final confirmation we needed: Finn’s rash and cold are completely gone, and he’s even put on several ounces since our last visit six days ago (not such a surprise, I guess). The flip side of that, however, is that he was well enough to warrant more torture — in the form of four big needles in his legs. More vaccinations! Although his initial cry of surprise was short-lived, and he was in good spirits soon afterwards, his chunky thighs must be starting to hurt now: he just woke up with a cry of pain a short while ago. Will my poor, little monkey ever get a break? It may be another long night.


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