yam fan?

After Finn became an avocado aficionado, we decided to further expand his developing palate by introducing another delight: sweet potato. We figured that getting him to love this tasty tuber would be easy as pie, and were happy to see how interested  he was even before his first bite. For some reason, he found it amusing to watch me puree the organic potato and leche de mami:

Once upon a spoon, however, the potato produced a somewhat different response. I don’t think it’s quite what he was expecting:

Fortunately, it took only a day or two for Finn to become an avid yam fan:

Next week, I’m considering squash or carrots…. Any votes?


2 thoughts on “yam fan?

  1. Hi Sarah!
    Harriet misses Finn and can’t wait to see him when she gets back to FL.

    Hope Liam’s appettite is as good as Finn’s!

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