Crazy about pears… but not table manners

By eating as a family rather than feeding Finn separately, we’re hoping to establish meaningful rituals, share good eating habits, and model proper behavior. Generally speaking, this arrangement has worked out well: Finn is an enthusiastic eater, loves to interact with us at the table, and even makes obligatory “mmm” sounds on cue after taking a bite. His second experience with pears, however, produced a new reaction:

It IS funny, but in all seriousness, I think it’s less about the pears (although clearly quite delicious) and more about self-empowerment: Finn’s pretty demanding about wanting to hold his spoon — and pretty amused by watching it hit the floor. We keep a pile of spoons on the table, and at the end of every family meal, a scatter of different colored spoons decorate the floor at the foot of his Stokke chair. Are we encouraging development and self-sufficiency, or creating a cute, little monster? At least he doesn’t put his elbows on the table, right?



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