Beach Baby

Despite the fact that we live in South Florida, as of yesterday afternoon Finn had never seen the blue breadth of the ocean or felt the grainy sand of the beach under his toes or between his fingers. I’ve been vigilant about protecting his virgin skin from the sun during the day and maintaining his bedtime routine at night, but his introduction to this beautiful, new side of home was overdue. It’s definitely not getting any cooler down here, after all, and soon enough, even evening visits to the beach may be too stuffy.

We planned a sunset picnic in Surfside with some friends and their two kids. It was quite an experience: the wind took on a life of its own; the water was choppy and loud; kite-surfers struggled with their giant, colorful, billowing sails in the shallow water alongside us. We tried to keep the lids on our food containers, enjoying a bite at a time. 

Most importantly, Finn seemed to love it all:


He even bonded a little with Summer, our friends’ daughter:


We need to get Finn’s fat, little feet out to the beach more often and take advantage of one of the benefits of living here!


One thought on “Beach Baby

  1. Whenever he wants a little extra time at the beach, he can spend the night at our place!

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