Almost crawling?


If there were a “floor rolling” category in the olympics, Finn would be on the team, but crawling is another story. He has yet to figure out how to get his perpendicular leg out of the way. When he tries to move forward, the leg blocks his passage like a little safety bar. Usually he backs off and resorts to rolling wherever he wants to go; lately, however, he’s taking more risks. Here he is in motion, taking both a chance and a tumble:

Any day now, he may just pull it off!


2 thoughts on “Almost crawling?

  1. Hey Sarah, what happened to that sleek living room of yours? Where is that glass coffee table?…all I see is a bunch of spongy letter blocks on the floor 🙂

  2. hey ms phelps!!! i found the page and he is SSOOOO close!! ur right im sure he will be crwaling in a week or so. i looove all the videos! he is the cutest baby ever! hope to see you soon and dont forget to call me if ever need a babysitter over the summer or anything.

    p.s ill still keep an eye out for a nanny for the fall

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