Finn shows off for Daddy

Fortunately for Keith, his summer vacation began at the end of May. While I spent this past week drudging through research papers and final exam essays in the English department, Daddy spent it at home with Finn, witnessing significant new developments in the athletics department: Finn can now pull himself up to a sitting position on his own, and a standing position with the aid of any stable piece of furniture. This changes everything, doesn’t it?

As the excessive drool on his chin suggests, he also shared another new highlight with Daddy: an upper, front tooth made its debut this week! That makes number three.

Next week, Finn can show off for BOTH of us. I wonder what amazing feat he’ll demonstrate next…



3 thoughts on “Finn shows off for Daddy

  1. I figured you were drowning in essays when I didn’t see a post all week. Ah, the life of an English teacher!

    Finn is such a big & happy boy! How wonderful to spend all summer with him now, no?


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