The first days of summer



Days have been full, rich, and sweet lately. For one week now, Keith and I have been off from work and home with Finn! Each morning and evening, before and after the South Florida heat hangs heavy, we take long, leisurely walks along the lake:


We’ve also been catching up with — and in Finn’s case, getting closer to  — good friends (below is Finn with my friend Lisa’s daughter, Summer):


And it wouldn’t seem like vacation without a meal “out.” Despite the heat, Finn enjoyed an early lunch on South Beach about mid-week. Is that a fat foot on the table? What manners!


Most importantly, there’s been lots of play time at home…




Just because it’s vacation, however, doesn’t mean that Finn hasn’t been working diligently on mastering his standing skills. He can stand one-handed, lower himself smoothly up and down, and even cruise around the entire perimeter of his crib or play area:


Pretty soon, Finn may be strolling alongside us on our family walks!


One thought on “The first days of summer

  1. I was just telling Craig the other day “how wonderful it must be now for Sarah to spend her entire day with Finn.”

    Summer is the best, isn’t it?

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