On the move — day AND night

I’ve read that when babies make big advancements, they also frequently change their sleeping patterns. I’m guessing that this is the reason why Finn was up from 12 to 2 and then 3 to 4 last night, and why we haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. He inevitably wakes up several times, sometimes sitting up and crying, other times actually standing, circling, bouncing, yelling out for us. If we can get to him right away to soothe him, he often goes back to sleep (if only for a short while), but once his hands clutch that rail and he pulls himself up to a standing position, we know we’re in for a long wait.

I have no footage of our recent nighttime episodes, but here are two short clips of Finn’s active daytime play. He’s gotten SO good at moving around on foot while holding on to something that at times he’s a little overconfident:

And just when when we started wondering if he might learn to walk before he crawls, he developed a move we’re calling the “peg-leg pirate crawl”:

I’m having so much fun watching Finn’s progress; I just hope that his nighttime activity slows down a bit sometime soon. Even though we’re on summer vacation, we feel like zombies. Is that how it’s supposed to work? Must his progression translate into our retrogression?


5 thoughts on “On the move — day AND night

  1. Ugh, you poor thing! I have read that about sleep and advancements too.. maybe he’s just getting extra advanced 😉

    Adorable videos! Jasper recently started doing the peg-leg too, just when we thought he would never progress from military to belly off the ground!

  2. This is just so unbelievable, the things that Finn can already do. I mean, he was just a baby the other day — and he’s doing so many big boy things now: crazy! And wonderful!

  3. Ah, so the “peg-leg” is NOT Finn’s strange invention after all (I was starting to worry why one knee and not the other). Whatever it takes for them to get from point A to point B!

  4. I think these ‘practicing overnight’ stages come and go. Not looking forward to next one! Although even without practicing, she still feeds next to me around 11pm or so and then sometimes again three hours later. But sometimes only once a night, which is bliss.

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