A swim with Finn

What better way to cool off on a hot South Florida afternoon than to splash around in a pool? Finn’s cousins have the perfect arrangement for his first dip: a large wading area complete with squirting fountain jets! The little guy couldn’t believe his eyes… 



His cousins, Colton and Aidan, provided Finn some extra entertainment:


And Keith and I had a bit of fun with him, too…



Can’t wait to do it again! I wonder how old babies must be for official swimming lessons?


5 thoughts on “A swim with Finn

  1. Hey Sarah, just wanted to let you know that my little cousin in Canada who is 7 and a half months old just finished his first swimming lesson. By the end of the program, he was already able to put his head under water and able to kick his feet and arms to go retrieve various toys (with the help of his mother and floating device obviously). I don’t know whether or not there are programs like that for toddlers here in Florida but might be worth looking into.

  2. These are just some of my absolute favorite pictures of Finn! Look at that face on the second one especially. Just darling.

    And of course, you look great. I can’t even think about getting into a bathing suit! I’m sure you’ll deny it, but you look like a movie star with your hair pinned up and that darling boy by your side.

    By the way, the city of Plantation offers “Swim Babies Swim” lessons starting at 6 months so that “babies will learn to surface onto their backs should they have an accidental fall into the water.” The classes started back in May and run into August. But I’m sure there are courses like this throughout!

  3. Thanks, Joanna. My favorite baby clothes are from kate quinn organics, but to be honest, many of the others are hand-me-downs from friends and family, so they’re from all over the place!

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