Finn’s first vacation

I’ve been eager to acquaint Finn with the many faces of his Michigan family, but somewhat apprehensive about the three-hour flight, the new sleeping arrangements, and other changes in his daily routine. Well — we’re here — and I’m happy to say that my worries were unnecessary: Finn made friends with the young man in the aisle seat shortly after take-off and has slept better than he was sleeping in his own crib before we left! With seventy-something degree temperatures, dripping bites of watermelon and nectarine, bird-watching on the balcony, sunny paddle-boat rides, splashes next to minnows in the very lake his mom and grandparents swam in, and lots of extended family hands (and paws), Finn’s first vacation has been idyllic.

watermelon bite






All we really need to make a perfect trip are some fireflies. 


5 thoughts on “Finn’s first vacation

  1. Oh wow, it really does sound perfect. What a great first vacation. That watermelon picture is just darling!

  2. How wonderful it turned out to be so much better than expected.. I hope we have a similar experience if and when we muster up the courage to take Jasper anywhere unfamiliar!

  3. Oh Sarah, I love the picture of Uncle Bill and Sybil watching Finn take his first dip! I’m glad I was there to see how happy they were…we’ll have to catch up next time! How wonderful that Finn is enjoying the trip as much as you are.

  4. Oh lovely! I’ve chickened out on the 11-hour flight…

    But would love to take Elsie to Michigan one day…

    But there’s really no one left there for us to visit. 😦

  5. Val, it was great to see you with your family; I only wish we’d had more time to chat! Next time let’s make a point of it…

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