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After two three-hour flights and nine days abroad with Finn, I must say that traveling with him was much easier than I ever expected. Before leaving for the airport, I tried to arm myself well against a variety of potential disasters by loading up with diapers, changes of clothing, medicines, sanitizers, lotions, books, and laptop complete with a baby Einstein sign language DVD, but the truth is that the simplest of things actually served us best. In addition to our trusty Peanut-Shell sling, which kept our most precious cargo close, accessible, and EASY to carry , the two other most useful items were Mr. Crab, a cheap, tiny, orange bath toy, and Sophie, an overpriced but squeaky and apparently very tasty rubber giraffe. Both are small, lightweight, very portable, easily grasped by little hands, fun for the gums (teeth five and six erupted while vacationing!), useful in any tub, and quickly WASHABLE! I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the last point: it’s quite frustrating to cart around a bag full of previously dropped, germy objects, trying to remember which are clean and which are dirty. Instead, with a few simple, old-school toys and an occasional skip over to the nearest sink, we were able to provide Finn with hours of entertainment  — without ANY batteries or power cables.


7 thoughts on “simple toys & joys

  1. Ah, you got Miss Sophie. She’s all the rage from what I read online. Finn clearly loves her.

    We think Wes is teething, too. Fun times!

  2. I miss Finn already; Michigan just isn’t the same without him (and you guys).

  3. Isn’t it funny how the simplest things are the biggest hits with babies? We used lots of “not toys” to keep Hadley busy on our recent car trip. The funniest things, like our cell phones and sunglasses, were bigger hits than actual toys! Glad you guys had fun!!

  4. What a sweet blog (and even sweeter baby) you have. Just had to say I’m so glad to read that it’s possible to survive traveling with the baby. I mean, I *know* it’s possible, but still I’m terrified at the thought of giving it a try! Maybe when we finally get around to it, it will be a good excuse to try this magical Sophie we’ve heard so much about…. 😉

  5. Thanks! Babies are unpredictable, but also more adaptable than we think, right? Plus, they love to see new things, and traveling provides just that. About Sophie: she’s entertaining, but for the record, any squeaky, rubber toy with lots of edges to chew on would work. You don’t need to spend nearly $20 for those features. She IS cute and fun, though.

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