fancy footwork

I’ve always wanted to avoid “genderfying” Finn — at least as much as I can in today’s society, that is. I’d like to expose him to a variety of intellectual, emotional, and physical experiences… whether they involve working with plants or poetry, being outside in the dirt of the garden or inside mixing spices in the kitchen, darting around on the playing field or the dance floor. He can ultimately — or periodically — decide what he likes best. But as long as his father and my brothers are around, he’ll get plenty of experience with soccer balls:

I think I see some budding talent there — or at least a budding aficionado…


4 thoughts on “fancy footwork

  1. That’s so funny, Sarah– I was just talking about not wanting to play into the gender-specific toys with Hadley, either! I especially don’t like those role-specific toys like play vacuum cleaners and ovens. Ugh.

  2. I see the strong legs that will carry Finn far & fast on the field! (By the way, soccer is a non-gender specific sport, as it is played by male and female children together, and only separately in teams during adolescence).

  3. So much to think about when raising a child, no?, boy or girl.

    Interesting about the kitchens/ovens/etc. type of toys, or even tools and the like. I thought I wouldn’t like either — whether I had had a girl or a boy (clearly I have a son now!), but actually, I’ve come to like the idea of having toys that relate to work that both parents do in the house and that is of value. I’m kinda hoping Wes will play with both a toy kitchen AND a sawhorse.

  4. Keri — I can’t believe they even SELL toy vacuums. What’s fun about that? Cooking can be fun, though…

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