Who’s the culprit?

Poor Finn has been waking up THROUGHOUT the night. And drooling again. A constant line of slimy saliva dribbles down his chin and onto anything below him. Tooth Eight: where are you, buddy? Complete your torture!

But that’s not all: last night and earlier today he also had a low-grade fever, and I’ve assumed that the two are connected. But then again, Keith’s been sick with something for the last few days… is he the culprit?

Or perhaps it’s got something to do with both of us. We did, after all, go back to work today, leaving him after a long summer of, well, very-togetherness. Could the stress of the change be manifesting itself physically?

Maybe it’s just something he picked up somewhere from one of the EIGHTEEN MILLION things he puts into his mouth daily…

At music class, he didn’t exactly PLAY his instruments:




Plus, I’ve been twice to those “germ pits” I swore I’d let never him enjoy:



Is child-rearing always filled with such mysteries — and guilt?


4 thoughts on “Who’s the culprit?

  1. I think, yes, we’re bound to feel guilty over one thing or another by the mere fact of being mothers.

    If it’s any consolation, these ups & downs seem to be universal. Every time we have a great week, it’s followed by a miserable one (she types as Wes continues with his constant yammering of late).

    Either way, hugs and hang in there. You’re an awesome mama.

    (Btw, what color Kate Quinn is Finn wearing in the last ball pit photo? I need to buy some for the coming months).

  2. Thanks for the pep talk. I don’t mean to be such a complainer…. (wait — now I’m feeling guilty about THAT!).

    I think the kimono might be in apple? Not sure. Those Kate Quinns sure are cute, aren’t they?

  3. Ariana – I don’t want to jinx anything before the week is over, but I have to say that even though Finn is having bad nights, his days away from us have been SO much better than we had ever hoped. After weeks and weeks of worrying, he seems to be handling the transition just FINE so far….

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