Catching the good stuff

sideways at dinner

The last couple of weeks have been hard, so hard.

By my second week back at work, Finn figured out that when I walk away, I don’t always come right back. He’s beginning to understand and hate how time can move so slowly. After I leave, I can hear his cries from outside the door.

I’m beginning to understand and hate how time can move so quickly. Finn’s changes are so rapid these days that I cry about what I’m missing the second I’m outside the door.

This three-day weekend, though, I caught him doing four steps in a row:

And we had REAL conversations (despite my ill-designed attempt to get him to put his crab in a cup too SMALL for it! Sorry, little Man!):

He understands so much! If only I could tell him that this coming week, hanging heavily in front of us only a few hours away, will be a short one.


3 thoughts on “Catching the good stuff

  1. How exciting! Hope Elsie is only a mere 12 days away from unassisted walking! Someone told the most exciting time for developments is 10-18 months. Hard to believe the changes… Hey: sorry about the tough emotional stuff. Elsie too is just starting signs of separation anxiety. 😦

  2. Such wonderful milestones! Isn’t it totally amazing that they understand everything now?

    Sorry about the separation anxiety.. it does get better though. Today Jasper didn’t cry at all when I left in the morning or at lunch.. and yesterday when I picked him up at daycare he cried when we left (he wanted to keep running around the yard!)

  3. Aww…congrats on your little walker taking 4 steps! Thats great. Mia has only taken 2 steps.
    By the way, I love the poetic sound of your blog writing. Its very sweet!

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