Finn’s first shoes

first stroll in shoes

Finn’s custom-made shoes — soft, recycled leather moccasins wide enough to accommodate his doughboy feet — arrived just in time for a three-day weekend. Our family walks immediately took on new meaning with six feet on the pavement instead of four. Finn was off  — step, step, step, step, step — just as if that’s how it’s always been.

It’s as if he’s a seasoned traveler after only three days. Even the soles of his shoes are already worn and dirty. Finn felt so independent that during a Sunday lunch down on South Beach, he insisted upon running around to explore Lincoln Road, wet as it was.

I cleaned off the bottoms of his shoes carefully and set them to dry in the sun, good as new. But there’s no going back, I know. Where’s my baby going? I’m running after him, but I only see this little boy in the distance…

finn walks away


6 thoughts on “Finn’s first shoes

  1. Where has the year gone?

    This time last year we were waiting for your arrival….Now that little infant I held in my arms is becoming a little man…I so enjoy our time together. It has been such a wonderful adventure and I know there is so much more to come….

    I love you with all my heart….

    Your Gram

  2. omg!!! he is sooo big! and walking like a pro. hes growing so much… how have you been? i hope i see you sometime soon… miss u guys alot
    Blessy =]

  3. Yay Finn! I love that he, Jasper and Liam (I sent Liam a pair for his b’day) all have the same kaBoogies. Kinda like looking at the moon all at the same time our little guys are all connected. God, when did I get to be so sentimental and cheesy?? 😉

  4. Ariana, I’m so lucky you posted about the shoes, as regular store-bought ones simply won’t fit Finn’s feet! I’m thinking of getting another pair in a different color. And for the record, I was sentimental even BEFORE I had Finn; now I’m downright pathetic.

  5. I can’t wait to see you guys next week and to celebrate Finn’s first year of life. He seems to have changed so much in just 12 months. Soon we’ll both have walking, talking BOYS and not just babies (well, you already do!).

  6. I can’t wait, either, Lou! I can’t believe it’s almost been a year. As big and strong as he is, your little man will be walking alongside Finn in no time…

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