Finn through a new lens

My new Rebel xsi is here, and I love it, despite the fact that I am a COMPLETE ignoramus shooting in automatic mode.

10-09 looking down

finn outside 10-09

finn in gatsby hat

in bedroom at 1

eyebrow look 10-09

peek-a-boo 10-09

peek 10-09

It’s hard to go wrong with this subject, but I still have quite a bit of work to do if I want to explore the benefits of this camera. If only I could find the time to learn about what all those buttons mean and teach myself how to use some editing software…. Help!


7 thoughts on “Finn through a new lens

  1. Ignoramus? You’re crazy. These are all just absolutely gorgeous. My favorite is that fifth photo. Swoon.

    It’s such a learning process though, the camera, the software, etc. I still get so worked up when I come back to look at 100+ photos and only two look good.

    I can’t wait for some down time so that we can get together and catch-up. Will we have to wait ’til winter break? Darn work!

  2. Finn is so cute! I have the Rebel xsi, too, and am still a complete novice. If you find any good tutorials, please let me know:-)!!

  3. Ok…so here is what I told my husband to do (since we have a Nikon D80 that I know how to use but he doesn’t and I hate, hate, hate the flash). When you are in S Mode=you set the shutter and the camera sets the aperature. A mode is the opposite…you set the aperature, the camera sets the shutter. (btw: shutter=the mechanism in the camera that opens to allow the light being let into the camera hit the ‘film’ and create your ‘negative’…shutter speed is- therefore how fast the shutter opens and then closes — aperature=how wide the hole is that let’s in the light when the shutter is open- therefore the larger the aperature, the more light you are letting in, the less time you need your shutter open)


    …anyway, M mode is manual and you set both the shutter and the aperature. In ALL these modes, when you look through the viewfinder and press the trigger halfway you will see an exposure bar with tic marks on it. Play around with adjusting both the shutter speed and the aperature size while looking at the tic marks. If you are ‘in the middle’ on the scale, you should have a good shot. Of course, that’s in a well lit situation. But it should at least get you started.

  4. Thanks so much for the comments and pointers. I’ve been playing around with the shutter and aperture settings this weekend and get the basics on how it works, but I think I’m going to look for a few books on the subject…. I wish I had time to take a class!

  5. I am dying to get a new camera and just asked for suggestions from my Facebook friends. LOVE the pics you took!! I will have to check out the camera you got.

  6. I LOVE the shot of Finn partially behind the tree!!! Have fun with your new toy. I got a new lens a year ago to capture the boys playing soccer at full speed. Love it.
    Have a great day!

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