Thirteen months old

finn with stick 11-09

Thirteen is most certainly not an unlucky number, Finn. Your world is too rich with continually rediscovered simple treasures, like the branches you love to hit against things, the seedlings on the patio that you can’t keep your fingers away from, the small blow-up pool you stepped into today despite the fact that it was empty.

At one month past your first year and into your second, you are unstoppable. You no longer find the baby-proofed sections of the house appealing, and will dart into unknown realms as soon as you see a second’s breach in our “security system.” You squeal and laugh when we hold up your shoes but arch your back in defiance if we try to put you into a stroller. You want to be out and about on your own, not pushed around.

Oh — you will NOT be pushed around! You have always wanted your way, but now you INSIST on putting that stone into your mouth, touching the neighbor’s garden goose, standing up in the tub, or demanding another book. Fortunately for all of us, you are starting to use new ways to communicate this insistence: you’re finally using some of the signs we’ve been trying to teach you. Yesterday, without prompting, you used your hands to tell us when you wanted more cantaloupe. Barely able to contain ourselves, we gave you more, and more, and more, until you finally signed that you were “all done.”

Silly, silly boy — you’re just beginning!

godzilla finn 11-09


4 thoughts on “Thirteen months old

  1. That second photo shows him really changed. So amazing! And well done on the signing! Must be really satisfying… 🙂

  2. I agree with Heather. Every once in a while I see a photo (like the second one) of Finn that makes me think how much he’s changed and grown in his first year.

    It’s surprising to me how vast the 6 month gap between Finn and Wes seems at this very moment. It’s like two different worlds. Our baby doesn’t even crawl!

  3. He is so dreamy! AJ and I had a great time hanging with Finn at the park last weekend. I really miss seeing him at school, though–it’s harder to get through the day without my Finn-fix on Thursdays :(!

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