Dinner conversations

Of course, little ones and their parents have ways of communicating with one another from the moment they leave the womb (and some might argue before), but around here, this past month has involved new kinds of conversations: These days Finn uses specific sounds, half-words, and hand signs to convey very particular things. He loves to loudly identify the “moon” (Finn-speak: “looooo”) on any night and any page, shout “BA BA!” whenever Roomba circulates to clean the floors (the poor kid has no pets!), whisper “Bub” when pointing at the bubbles in his bath book, and has now started to pronounce parts of a few different food-words, like “apple,” “banana,” and “pasta.” This last development, in conjunction with his small repertoire of useful hand signs — which include “more,” “all done,” “milk,” and “bath,” along with a few he’s invented on his own — allows him to actually converse with us at the table! Last night, he effectively requested that we shake the salad dressing (yes, shaking things is currently one of his FAVorite things to do), give him more carrots and pasta, and then start running his bath water:

Now that he’s fulfilling his end of the conversation by communicating his desires to me, I need to make sure I don’t fail miserably by responding with slippery pieces of squash on a baby fork. Sorry Finnsty-Foo!


4 thoughts on “Dinner conversations

  1. I didnt think to teach Mia to sign. And I’m just beginning to realize now how awesome the hand signing is. It seems to really help the little ones communicate. I love seeing how much Finn has learned!

  2. Isn’t it great when you can have those conversations around the dinner table!! Love it. He’s sooooooo cute, guys. Please give him a special hug from us. Hope your Thanksgiving Day was great and look forward to seeing you all soon.

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