Our “winter” vacation begins…

So it’s here… the two-week vacation we’ve been waiting for since the academic year began in August. We get to take our time cuddling and chatting with Finn in the morning light and drawing on the sidewalk outside before the sun sets each evening.

At some point in the day, Finn usually joins his Daddy for some gardening and taste-testing. He loves to sample basil and beet greens straight from the ground, and then play peek-a-boo behind the tomato plants.

We’ve been able to do new things, too, like visit friends who have REAL farm animals — a far cry from the ones we see every day in puzzles and books. All it took to get Finn to finally make a “moo” sound was some hands-on experience with actual cows.

Touching a bull’s horns, however, was not exactly what Mommy had in mind…. I put an end to that “fun” pretty quickly.

I had more fun watching Finn play with the chickens. They were a bit too fast for him, but he gave them plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, I was too busy running after Finn and the chickens to get a good shot of the chase.

I don’t mind running after Finn, as long we don’t get to the end of our vacation any faster.


2 thoughts on “Our “winter” vacation begins…

  1. Isn’t it wonderful?! I also get (almost) 2 weeks off and have been waiting for it since last january! There’s nothing like the feeling of being home to take care of my babies (husband being one too!). Have fun.

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