FINN: the musical

Finn’s ear for music has changed quite a bit since his “freshman” experience in music class last summer. Back then, he tended to be more interested in how his instruments tasted than how they sounded:

These days, however, he’s developing quite an ear. Just two beats into his favorite song, he recognizes it instantly and responds with what can only be described as utter joy:

He has more than one favorite, actually (thank goodness, as I’m not sure HOW many times I can listen to “shoo, fly” in a row).

Some songs are his favorites for clapping and tapping to:

Others are his favorites for spinning to:

There’s even one for singing to:

… and then there are those precious songs for clinging to: those that, even in all of his independent toddlerhood, make him run to us, grab our legs, look up and say, “up! Dance!” Hopefully, we still have some years left of dancing with him in our arms.


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