Endings and Beginnings

Some things are over: Finn’s bout of what we think was Roseola virus, which brought fevers of over 104 and nearly a week of being house-bound, Finn’s crusty eye infection that cemented his eyelashes together in the morning, Mommy’s hellish end-of-quarter grading frenzy. To them, we say goodbye and good riddance.

To other things, we say hello and welcome: Mommy’s spring break vacation, lazy, cuddly, chatty mornings filled with funny-Finn-conversation, naps at noon for both of us. When Finn dozes off, I’ll be able to rest next to him if I like — for not only am I now at home throughout the day, but Finn is now sleeping rail-free in his new toddler bed!

The moment he smiled at me with his foot hooked over the edge of his crib rail and his entire body lifted up like a little gymnast, his crib days were over immediately. Although there wasn’t much time for sentimentality, we gathered up some of his closest friends and asked him to play a few ceremonial notes on his flute:

Then, within a couple of hours, my baby’s bed was GONE. Without it, the room barely resembled the nursery I’d spent so many hours planning, waiting, cradling, rocking, nursing, sitting, smiling, playing in. It was an unexpected shock. I felt a sudden sense of panic and immediate nostalgia… but then Finn climbed up onto the mattress all by himself and put his head down, and I had a new thought: Perhaps he’ll be excited to sleep in his new bed. Perhaps it’ll be easier to get him to sleep — and to stay asleep. Perhaps this will be another beginning for us — a life in which we can all get better ZZZs…

Or perhaps not. Some things may never end…


4 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. The “no nap” is so much cuter when its someone else’s baby saying it. HAHA. I love modern design of the new bed! Where did you guys get it?

  2. Tell me about it, Samm! Finn is the WORST sleeper on the planet. I wish I COULD be laughing at someone’s else’s baby saying it.

    The toddler bed, by the way, was converted from the “Sahara Crib,” by Argington. When I got the crib, I also got the conversion kit.

  3. Hi,

    You have a nice son. I do also have a little son called Finn and is only one day younger than yours. Since few weeks I do often visit your site, cause I miss my son. I am not lucky enough to have my son whenever I like and miss him.

    Wish you and Finn a happy and healthy life.

    a sad father

  4. So very sorry to hear that you’re away from your little Finn. I’m sure he misses you, too. I hope you get to see one another soon.

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