My sister Sunshine is an amazing aunt. Now, two months early, she is already an amazing mother.

After suffering four days of contractions, shots, tubes, intrusive machines, thirst, and a total lack of sleep in an attempt to keep her twin babies safer longer, she was rushed out of ICU and into surgery at 29 and a half weeks pregnant. Her daughters were perfect, with lovely hands like pianists, but at just over two pounds each, one of them was too small to be cared for at the same hospital. They held Baby A, Sarah McKinley, in front of her for three seconds before whisking her away to the other side of the city. Baby B, Margot Alice, stayed in NICU on the same floor — yet Sunshine was not able to meet her for another day and a half when she was finally transferred out of ICU and could get into a wheelchair.

She is so strong, so brave, so much a mother… even with her babies at a distance.

They are so lucky to have such a mother.

We are all so lucky to have her.

Thank you, Sunshine, for bringing us such feisty, beautiful little girls, nieces, cousins. We love them already so much.


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