for mommy

It was a rough start, for the two of us; both scared and in pain – a future uncertain. And then i saw the voice i heard speaking to me each night (I giggled back with hiccups). You were mommy.

And as you document my life (you know it is our life, don’t you, mommy?) here in my garden, I realize how proud you must be of me.

But you must know, anything I am, everything I have, and all I will ever be, is from you. So, you see, mommy, it makes sense to be proud of yourself (at least this weekend). Because all I really am, is you.

Mommy, i love you (and I apologize for hacking into your account to post this).



13 thoughts on “for mommy

  1. Finn and I are both of the same opinion: you are a truly beautiful woman, an incredible teacher, and a loving, dedicated mother. I won’t blame Finn one iota for developing an Oedipus complex. Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah.

    your husband

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you so much for teaching me (among many other things) how to be a good mother–I need it so much right now. I hope that you feel soooo happy this Mothers’ Day, because you do so much to make others feel happy everyday.

    You have done and incredible job of raising Finn; he is an absolute gem. Finn is very lucky to have a mom who loves and respects him as much as you do; we are (all of us) lucky to have you in our lives.

    I love and appreciate you more everyday, sister. You are such a special person to me.

    All my love.

  3. I know that it was a very difficult decision for you to become a mother, but I’m glad you did and Finn is all the better for it. Your nurturing love has helped Finn to become a very intelligent and well adjusted 1.7 yr old who is well on his way to greatness.


  4. Sarah,

    Finn is truly blessed to have such a wonderful and loving mother. From the day he was born, you made sure to meet his every need in any way you could, and as he grows and becomes older, his needs will change but I am sure you will be right there to meet every single one. Enjoy this Mother’s day weekend with your wonderful son! You deserve it!


  5. Dear Sarah,

    This day (weekend), your second Mother’s Day, I hope the mother in you recognizes the tremendous influence, support, and nurturer you have been in Finn’s life. I am amazed at how smart he is, his ravenous curiosity, and his uncanny ability to laugh at that which is seemingly random. But what is most amazing to me is when he faces his fears head on with a determination all his own. NEVER forget that YOU had a hand in this. As Alex said, the decision to have a baby was a difficult one for you to make. While Motherhood brings many doubts, I hope you remember, at least today, that you have faced your fears head on and are determined to be a great mother. I can say without a doubt that you are. I am so proud of you, sister – more than you could ever know. And watching Finn hold you tonight at dinner while you rocked him in your arms tells me just how grateful he is that you’re his mother.


    Ilianna (Auntie)

  6. Hi Aunt Sarah,
    Happy Mother’s Day. We hope that you, Keith, and Finn have a time celebrating Mother’s day. Love, Colton and Aidan

    Dear Sarah,

    Motherhood is such an amazing, stressful, exhausting, exhilarating ride. Finn is really happy that you decided to become a mom!! As I am sure you are too. Enjoy every moment because he is growing so fast. Every age is an incredible experience filled with trials and tribulations. Welcome to the wonderful world of Motherhood!

    Love. Kevin and Amy

  7. Sarah,

    What a wonderful tribute to an amazing mother.

    Set all your fears aside, you are doing a wonderful job and am so happy your decision was to have Finn (for me). He is so loved by both mommy and daddy and I so enjoy watching you with him. (Dad’s no so bad either).

    Enjoy the day and know your decision was a gift to all of us.

    Love you,

    Finn’s Gram

  8. Oh Sarah, how lovely this is. You really are a super-star mama and have been an invaluable source to me for all things motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day friend.

  9. Happy mothers day Sarah!
    I hope you are having a relaxing day spending it with Keith and little Finn. I can’t wait to see you guys soon, I miss you tons.

  10. Gorgeous and sweet! (And wow, that writing – Finn is even more talented than I thought!)
    Hope your Mother’s Day was perfect.

  11. Thank you, everyone… and many hugs and kisses to my funny little son and my talented husband. This secret post was such a special treat for me. I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day present.

    I hope all of the moms out there had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

  12. Happy mother’s day Sarah! What a nice little video tribute Finn put together for you.. well done Finn 🙂

    I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of you two together..

  13. Dear Sarah,

    It is not surprising that Finn is so adorable, funny, charming and bright. He has fantastic role models (and genetics). You and Keith are so fortunate to experience the world anew through Finn. Enjoy and savor every day.



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