For my husband on Father’s Day


On your first Father’s Day one year ago, I wrote about your hands-on approach to parenting and total dedication to our son. In some ways, not much has changed. You’re still Finn’s favorite comedian, his expert diaperer, an uncomplaining responder to his cries. You’re still there for Finn and for me — unconditionally. You’re still an amazing Daddy.

In other ways, however, so much has changed.

Our baby has become a 20-month-0ld little boy who runs, twirls, dances, climbs. You are his model.

He speaks in three-word sentences, draws circles, and identifies colors, letters, and stages of the moon. You are his teacher.

He builds pretend sandwiches, plays the air violin, has imaginary phone conversations, reads books to his sock monkey. You are his inspiration.

And like his mommy, he sometimes feels afraid of new things: the jitter of a room full of strangers, the splash of a cold pool, the peck of a baby bird’s beak. You are his helper.

 Thank you for being the consummate father, partner, guide. I can’t imagine my world without you.


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