Finn and the twins

June has been a baby blur. After spending nearly two months in the NICU and more than doubling their weight, my sister’s twin girls were released, and Finn was finally able to meet his tiny cousins! Margot is strong, squirmy, wide-eyed, and often sounds like a little porpoise; Sarah holds her delicate fingers out and open while she sleeps, and squeaks like a mouse when she cries. Finn is learning to tell the difference between them.

We’re working on other things — that the babies like GENTLE touches, that they DON’T want bites of tofu or to play with an airplane, that Mommy CAN’T sit and play when she’s holding one of her nieces — but Finn is fascinated by them, nevertheless, and loves to be near them. “Cousins cute,” he said yesterday with authority. He seems to be okay with the fact that he’s not the only cutie around these parts anymore, and that he’s no longer the baby. Still, as I told him tonight before bed, he’ll always be my baby.


3 thoughts on “Finn and the twins

  1. I am so happy that Finn has finally met his cousins (“Say-wah and Gargo”) and he has been amazing with them. I am so grateful to the three of you for helping us so tirelessly and devotedly these past few months. I know that your life has been turned upside down (especially Finn’s life) with us hogging up your house, and working your husband to death on his only time off, and I want you to know how much I love you for all you have done for me and my family. Thank you Sarah, Keith, and Finn

  2. Sunshine…
    I know it’s been a difficult and chaotic time for you, but you have been so amazingly strong and such an incredible mother from day one; it’s been wonderful for me to watch — and an important growing experience for Finn. This is what family is about. We love you very much.

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