New things

It’s been a crazy month, but we’re finally digging ourselves out from underneath hundreds of boxes. No, I’m not referring to holiday gifts and decorations. I’m talking about these kinds of boxes:

We’ve spent the last six weeks closing on a new house, packing up more than I thought we owned, moving out, moving in, and trying to unpack, bit by bit by bit. Combine that with the chaos of the holiday calendar and the fact that Keith and I both work, and, well, you’ve got quite a mess that never seems to end. We spent three days looking for his ties, a week looking for my socks, several weeks without internet, and still have 23 boxes of books alone to unpack.

Finn, however, has handled the move better than I ever imagined. In fact, after we got our keys and first headed over, he immediately ran inside — and then outside again through the french doors that lead onto the patio and into the yard, literally squealing with excitement; although we lost our lovely lake view, we gained a pool and a fully fenced builder’s acre! It’s a bit chilly to swim just yet, but we’ve spent most of our free time outside, enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather.

Finn can run freely, explore our mango and avocado trees, play on the swingset, and even play UNDER it in a little weedy spot he himself has named “Finn’s garden.” And after playtime we prefer to eat lunch outside — on the patio, inside a tent on the lawn, or picnic-style on a blanket with Sock Monkey, who’s quite the conversationalist. The only not-so-fun part is getting Finn back inside when playtime is over.