Our garden

We still haven’t finished unpacking all of our books, but we’ve managed to finish the first round of something else that ranks high on our to-do list: our raised bed garden is now in the process of growing spinach, arugula, butter, and red lettuces, broccoli, green beans, beets, two kinds of peppers, and four kinds of tomatoes. Keith took charge of most of the construction process, but once the walls were up, we all got a little dirty: we want this to be not “Daddy’s garden” or even “Finn’s garden,” but OUR garden.

Finn started having fun in the garden bed before it even had soil in it:

But the fun REALLY started when we had soil delivered to the house in a dump truck — an event which will certainly live in Finn’s memory for quite some time. He even took off running after the truck as it pulled away:

Once the soil had been dumped onto a giant tarp in our back yard, we took turns filling up wheel-barrows and shoveling fresh (and oh-so-aromatic) organic compost mix into the garden bed. Finn used his own, little wheel-barrow at first, and then wanted to help us out with the big one:

Then we got to MY favorite part: we planted some goodies…some that Keith germinated from seed, and others that he picked up at the store.

We had to reprimand Finn several times for pulling and eating leaves off of our tiny greens. This will certainly be an exercise in patience. He’s so excited about all of it — except for the tomatoes. As he reminds us frequently, “I don’t like tomatoes or strawberries.” Well, perhaps if he grows and tends them himself he will…


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