March fun in the sun

It seems that we spent the entire month of March out of doors, enjoying the spectacular weather. We hung out in the garden, watching it grow and sprout…

picking arugula, butter lettuce, and green beans…

and to keep away pests, planting marigolds with Abuelo, who came down from Michigan for a wonderful, week-long visit.

He also helped us to start our new butterfly garden, filled with vines and flowering plants like passionfruit, dutchman’s pipe, bleeding heart, lantana, yellow-top, firebush, milkweed, and honeysuckle:

And we took a trip with Aba to a nearby park, where Finn climbed trees…

took an impromptu run through squirting water…

and hung half-naked from the monkey bars:

We saw real monkeys and Orangutans swinging around at Zoo Miami…

and after a long trek through the Asian exhibit, where Finn was able to identify some of his favorite animals, such as Tapirs, Tigers, and Bactrian and Dromedary camels, we finally made it to the spot I’d been waiting for — the giraffe feeding station:

A trip to the beach gave us a chance to see some animals in the wild: we spotted a few blue translucent man-o-war down near the water, and lots of gulls and sandpipers:

But mostly Finn enjoyed the water’s edge and playing in the sand with people — Abuelo, Aba, Aunt Sunshine, and Finn’s two twin cousins, baby Margot:

and baby Sarah:

Although there was no swimming yet at the beach (too cold!), we took our first dip in our only slightly warmer pool. Finn loved skinny dipping in the jacuzzi section, currently unheated. “I’m in the hot tub!” he shrieked with shock and delight:

The days keep getting hotter, hotter, and in another month or two, we’ll likely be spending more prime daylight hours indoors. But March… March has been just lovely.


4 thoughts on “March fun in the sun

  1. The bugs and I had such a great time visiting with Finn over Spring Break! I wish every week could be such fun. Summer will be here soon (not soon enough) and we can do it all again then.

  2. The garden looks completely amazing. So glad you’re enjoying your bounty.

    Finn is looking like an angel with those gorgeous golden locks. He looks so different to me here, and it’s only been a couple of months since we saw each other, no? He’s growing too fast. And those two little ones! Hard to believe they were ever teeny tinies.

    March looks like HEAVEN here – if this is any indication of what summer will bring, swoon.

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