Spring Bounty

All of our lettuces were long gone by April, but we still had beets, and even more exciting, a full month of broccoli:

Finn loves to eat things right out of the garden, but he learned that he prefers his broccoli cooked:

Orange peppers, however, he prefers raw:

…and although everyone we know has sampled at least one variety of our seemingly endless May harvest of tomatoes, Finn still won’t eat them. But he DOES love to pick them…

…and play with them:

Even cousins Margot and Sarah got in on the fun:

May has also given us hearty sunflowers,

…exotic passionflowers in our butterfly garden,

…and plenty of caterpillars and butterflies, too, like the zebra longwing:

…and the gulf fritillary:

All is not ripe and ready, though: It looks like we’ll have to wait until June for our mangoes:

These days, Finn claims he doesn’t like mangoes, but I’ve got plans to teach him otherwise: this summer, I hope to keep us cool with mango ice cream, popsicles, and shakes.

Only two weeks of school left, though…. Those mangoes better get busy!