Toilet training on Father’s Day weekend

LAST summer, we brought home a little toilet for Finn. He hopped right on and produced immediate results. I was so impressed, figuring that the process was going to be SO much easier than I expected:

That was an entire year ago — well, eleven months, actually — during which he has had on-again, off-again love-hate¬†relationships with diapers and various toilets. Keith and I have wanted to encourage, but not push — and his various train (not training) underpants have remained scrunched in the corner of his top drawer, awaiting the “right” time. The truth, however, is that Finn has been ready to give up diapers for a couple of months now, keeping his diapers mostly dry and clean and “going” whenever we put him on the toilet; he just hasn’t been initiating the process on his own. He needed something more intense, like three days wearing those choo-choo train underwear instead of diapers. But with the chaotic end of the school year, followed immediately by my sister’s graduation and then Keith’s birthday, we couldn’t commit to staying at home for three consecutive days until now — on Father’s Day weekend.

So… here’s Finn singing “happy Father’s Day” on the toilet in his new swimming goggles (a topic for another post) and romping around the house in his new “big boy” underwear. What fun it’s been being housebound together! We love you Daddy!


2 thoughts on “Toilet training on Father’s Day weekend

  1. Finn is so darn cute in his new undies. What an accomplishment! It’s so wonderful that we have this time during the summer, isn’t it? Everyone says that a few days naked or with undies is the way to go. He IS a big boy, which is wonderful and a little sad (that time goes by so fast).

    Funny you posted this today by the way. Tonight was the first time Wes sat on his potty naked (not that anything “happened;” still, it’s the first time he’s been willing to actually sit on the thing!).

  2. Mia was so excited that “Finn is a big boy now and uses the potty!” Its so nice to get rid of the diapers.

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