Back to School

Our summer bliss is over. No more lazy breakfasts, daily early afternoon swims, late bedtimes, or extended visits with family and friends. No more spending all day, every day together. This week, we returned to the rush and demands of school life. My husband and I went back to our teaching positions, and Finn went back to the classroom. But not the same classroom… and not the same school. Although we LOVED the people and the care Finn received at the preschool he attended last year, we did NOT love the fact that, because of his October birthday, they were going to put him in a 2-year-old classroom. So… after weeks of debate, deliberation, and worry, we decided that a Montessori 3-5 class would be worth the extra stress and anxiety that would accompany the change. He’d be with older children out of diapers, and he’d have the opportunity to move at his own pace rather than be limited by a standard curriculum.

We were prepared for a tough transition. Finn is not introverted, but he’s highly sensitive, and dislikes change. Last year, Finn cried every day for over two months when I left him in the mornings and he had nightmares at night. It was hell. This year, we were not surprised when he covered his ears and pulled his hat over his face when we entered the new school. We were not even surprised when he initially tried to sabotage our intentions by informing the administrators, office staff, and teachers that he actually attends ANOTHER school. We expected stress at home, too, and watched and listened as he incorporated stories about real and imaginary classrooms into his conversation and play. But we did not ever think that by week’s end, he would only shed tears at the end of the day as we pulled into our own driveway. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. “I want to go back to Apple Tree!” he cried. I was completely floored. He loves the school. He loves his teacher. He loves the other kids.

Is this for real?


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I am SO happy to read this. Of course you made the right decision. He is such an incredible little boy. I love watching the videos and listening to him. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

  2. We had the same issue with our school – they were going to put Mia in the 2 year old classroom because she missed the birthday cutoff by 9 days!! But I was prepared to pull her out of that school if I had to. No way was she going into a class where kids were hardly talking and not potty trained. Eventually the school saw it my way. lol!
    Love hearing Finn’s school stories!

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