Finn at the Fire Station

He loved fire trucks so much when he was younger that for his second birthday we threw him a “fire truck” themed party — without a real fire truck. The truth is that he loved them from afar, where they were less noisy, and less, well, scary.

When some good friends called to say they had arranged for a tour of the Miami Beach Fire Station this winter break, I told Finn that we should go. “I don’t want to ride on a fire truck,” he responded. “It’s too loud.” “You won’t have to ride on it,” I said. “We can just get a close look while it’s not moving.”

So when his friends Summer and Skye shot water out of the fire hose, Finn watched. When they rode around on the paramedic beach rescue buggy, he waved. When they tried on the oxygen mask, he left the room.

But he did check out the controls…

…and spin around the fire pole…

…and after much, much cajoling, get into the driver’s seat of a brand-new fire truck:

The fireman was so pleased to see Finn finally¬†embracing what he assumed to be all-things-fire-truck that he shouted up, “Having fun, buddy?”

What did Finn scream back? “I’m inside a submersible!”

Oh, this boy of mine!


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