Finn’s new obsession

Every day after school, almost without fail, we ask Finn what lessons he worked on. From August through January, he seemed more interested in talking about something that happened at playtime or on a “silly” program he watched while eating his oatmeal in before-care. This February, however, something changed. One night, as he lay in bed preparing for (or resisting) sleep, he actually volunteered specifics: “Tomorrow, I’m going to do South America,” he said, and spoke about the colors he would make the countries. Then he wanted to “do South America” at home — out of play-dough, with crayons, with paint. He started walking around singing a song about all of the continents, and he worked them into his pretend play. His ocean animals visited the various oceans. He put down his cars to put together his puzzle of the world — and then took the vehicles on tours through Antarctica and Australia, Europe and Asia. Even during our nightly reading ritual, after the first two books, he said, “I want to read the globe.” I never thought of it that way, never thought I’d agree so quickly (and, to be honest, never much cared for geography) — but I’m absolutely loving this new obsession.