Finn and the twins at Wynwood Walls

A few streets away from where my sister lives in the midtown area of Miami is an artsy warehouse district of graffiti and street art known as Wynwood Walls. I’ve been wanting to take photos of Finn and his twin cousins there for months, and finally got around to it last weekend. It rained as we arrived but the showers stopped pretty quickly, leaving cooler weather and a few inviting puddles. I didn’t get the perfect shot of Finn, Sarah, and Margot together (will that EVER happen???) — but I did get some fun ones both with my “real” camera and with my iphone and instagram.


Space Bunny

Finn made Easter cards this year. My absolute favorite features a bunny in a rocket ship shooting through space. The colorful circle in his belly is his “belly button” full of “lettuce, lemons, and grapes.” Outside the rocket are the sun, planets, and dwarf planets, as well as several moons, asteroids, comets, and a shooting star.

I helped him out with the “Happy Easter” and “Love,” but isn’t he writing his name well these days?

Spring Break 2012

It is now April, and I have yet to document our mid-March Spring Break, when we shared nine delicious days that were gone in an instant.

We went to the orchid festival at one of our favorite places, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, where we got up close to beautiful things,

…hugged a Baobab,

…ate pistachio ice cream,

…and goofed around with good friends:

At home, we made pizzas,

rode bikes around the neighborhood,

…and visited with Finn’s twin cousins, pretending to be doctors and patients,

playing outside on the swing set,

and lounging around the garden:

Then toward the end of the week, we headed up to Sea World in honor of Finn’s long-held love for ocean animals. Unfortunately, since sleeping in a giant hotel bed with Mommy and Daddy wasn’t very conducive to actual sleep, Finn was operating on a three-hour deficit. By late afternoon, when we finally neared his beloved beluga and a shockingly enormous walrus, Finn actually asked, “are these animals real?” Even the glow-in-the-dark jellyfish that inspired last year’s Halloween costumes didn’t seem as interesting as the prospect of running around in a place full of strangers just to make us loco.

But we still had some great moments watching dolphins,

petting stingrays,

and laughing at silly seals:

I think my favorite moment, however, was not with an actual ocean animal, but back at home with a hammerhead shark KITE, which Finn flew for the first time on the last day of our vacation. It was so real — and so exhilarating: