Summer vacation #2: Michigan

This summer was Finn’s third visit to Michigan, but the first that felt for him like a return. This time, like me, he was building on to things he remembered.

He returned to the family cottage to swim once again in Sugden Lake. His first dip was when he was only nine months old, and it felt then like I was watching a baptism, knowing that he was swimming in the same lake my parents did over half a century ago, and the same lake I swam in as a girl:

Last summer, he spent even more time in the lake, only independent of me. He splashed and bobbed and chatted with some of his many second cousins:

This year, he remembered the lake and those cousins, and seemed to fit right in:

Finn visits Sugden Lake (MI), which I swam in as a child, as my parents did before me...




He also got to build more special memories with his first cousins, Margot and Sarah, who joined us from home…

IMG_2711 IMG_2379 IMG_2845

…and together they spent weeks “entertaining” Aba (above) and Abuelo (below):


It was hot, but we kept the kids busy at the lake, the playground, and a nearby farm:




 And then there was the old-fashioned county fair, where Finn was more daring than usual. First, he climbed aboard old tractors…

IMG_1476…then hand-fed some animals, including a poodley-looking alpaca:


But most daringly, he not only took his first carnival ride, but also brazenly ordered the kid in front of him in line to stay away from the orange car because he was planning to take it. When I told him that he couldn’t say that, he reconsidered his approach and firmly suggested the boy take the red car in order to secure the orange for himself:

While waiting in line for this ride, Finn leaned forward to suggest that the boy in front of him take the red car so that he could run to grab the bright orange car...

He then gave us our biggest surprise by asking to partake in a trampoline jumping exercise involving some kind of bungee-cord system. It was fantastic. “You’re on the moon!” I kept shouting. And he was.


Finn was all boy this trip — so much different than the baby I first cautiously lowered into Sugden Lake, or even the 2.75 year old who tentatively got to know his cousins last summer. This time, Finn actively created his own memories, always trying –often to my dismay — to do things his own way. But he sure had fun doing it.